Wolfie's Pet Resort

 wolf as a pupppy
wolf in back of truck

Wolf's story began one day in September 1995. He was born on the Tsu Tina Indian reserve, and after being watched for a day by a good samaritan, with no mother  seen feeding them, his litter was picked up by the Animal Rescue Foundation. After a few weeks with a foster family, and a clean bill of health, it was time for adoption. Wolf found me on a cold day in November 1995 while at a Calgary horse feed store. He was in a box along with his litter mates looking for his forever home. All it took was for him to leave his brothers and sisters in the far corner of the box to try and jump out and bite at my ankles. It was love at first sight.

Wolf grew quickly. Not knowing what breed (or breeds) he was, we were unsure just what to expect. By age one, he was taking up three quarters of the bed and eating everything he could find. We took on some puppy classes, and I think the trainer passed us just to get rid of us. I continued to work with him at local off leash parks and he became a very friendly, well adjusted, oversized lap dog.

Wolf led a very full life. When he wasn't swimming in any creek he could find, he was visiting with the elderly in nursing homes and sick kids at the Alberta Childrens Hospital as part of the Pet Access League Society. One of his favorite things to do was ride in the back of the truck on the way to the horse boarding stable, letting everyone know he was coming long before we got there with his trademark howl.

In 2001, we moved to Cremona and Wolfie, as he came to be known was in heaven. He adjusted very quickly to having 17 acres to roam and explore. He soon became very skilled at gopher hunting and would bring home his trophies for us to see. Wolf loved living in the country, enjoying many lazy days in the sunshine. Unfortunately, in December 2008, Wolf developed seizures. Wolf was a trooper taking his medications daily, but the seizures took a toll on him. On May 6, 2009, Wolf went to visit his old friends Fredd and Barney, where he's swimming, chasing gophers, and howling all day long. He will be missed by all who knew him.